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Break Free from Anxiety and Depression—Alternative ways to combat the symptoms

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

The world is experiencing many changes. As the coronavirus persists, many are in dire positions. The norms have changed and has left many feeling anxiety-ridden and depressed.

Complimentary to traditional medicine, it is important to consider alternative, natural ways to combat anxiety and depression.

Here are several ways you can help support the relief of anxiety and depression symptoms from your very own home:

Switch Your Diet

Many may not realize that diet has a direct impact on your body and mentality. Psychology Today found there is a direct correlation between people who over-consume sugar and causing imbalance in brain chemicals. Depression and anxiety are already an imbalance in the brain; sugar adds insult to injury.

Mood disorders and addiction are closely related, and sugar is addicting. Cut out excess sugar and focus more on a balanced diet. A healthier diet to help balance brain chemicals includes:

  • Green, leafy vegetables

  • Legumes

  • Nuts

  • Seeds

  • Lean, protein-packed meats

  • Teas (green tea is best!)

This list of foods can help provide your body with some of the B + D vitamins and iron that can support your mental and physical health. It is always recommended to have your levels tested since it may be necessary to supplement since many of us are deficient, despite a healthy dietary intake.

It has become increasingly more difficult to get adequate levels from our food with the lack of minerals in our soil and genetically modified seeds. In addition, your genetic makeup can inhibit the ability of your body to utilize these nutrients.

If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, you could easily be deficient in B12 and/or iron, but since your body stores these nutrients, you may not experience symptoms until they are severely depleted. At that point, it is much more difficult to replete the stores, and reverse symptoms of fatigue, depression, anxiety, hair loss, skin and nail health and other unfavorable health conditions that rely upon adequate nutrient intake.

You can make food your medicine and help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression just by the foods you eat. Eating an 'anti-inflammatory' diet with adequate greens, healthy fruits and vegetables, grains and lean sources of protein help curb the inflammation as the source of extra pain. Excess fat, carbohydrates and sugars trigger anxiety and depression onsets…so get rid of them!

Essentials oils date back thousands of years. Sense of smell runs deep into the brain and can be used to support anxiety relief. These oils help balance the nervous system:

· Lavender

· Lemon

· Orange

· Woody scents

Use of essential oils can provides anxiety and depression relief. Try creating a recipe with multiple essential oils for maximum effect!

Get Moving!

Exercise is proven to combat anxiety and depression. Harvard Medical School found exercise helps the mind in many ways:

  • Activates front regions of brain which controls our reaction symptoms to perceived threats (anxiety)

  • Builds resilience against negative and harmful emotions (depression)

  • Helps the mind focus on something positive away from the trigger (anxiety and depression)

  • Increases heart rate which releases “feel-good”, anti-anxiety serotonin, endocannabinoids, endorphins (anxiety and depression)

Aerobics is a great way to get the mind and body moving. More mindful, peaceful practices like yoga and meditation compliment your daily exercise regimen.

Change It Up

A healthy lifestyle change can be the best way to manage anxiety and depression. Stagnancy is the root of building negative emotions and preventing the brain from healing itself.

Change your scenery; go for a walk. Take a break from screen-time and call a loved one.

Changing your normal routine can jumpstart the healing process. Routines are important but rigidness can be devastating to mental health. Be easy with yourself and give yourself a chance to adapt to a new and improved lifestyle aimed toward self-care.

Natural supplements can combat feelings of anxiety and depression. There are a range of beneficial supplements proven to manage symptoms. From natural remedies to herbs and teas, these supplements give you the tools you need to feel good again.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids assist in decreasing symptoms of depression. These can be found in oil fish. St. John’s Wort is another alternative that builds resilience toward anxiety and depression. (Disclaimer: Please consult with your healthcare provide regarding drug interactions before taking.)

More Anxiety/Depression Busters!

There are several supplements which may help decrease depression and anxiety symptoms.


Short for gamma-Aminobutyric acid, GABA regulates the body’s internal rhythm. It helps manage stress triggers and assists with focusing. People with proper amounts of GABA feel more relaxed, calm and joyful.

Valerian Root

Valerian Root gives a sedative effect. It puts the mind at ease and relaxes stress in the body. It is a great sleep aid, too.

Also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ or a ‘hormone’, Vitamin D instructs many functions in your body and adequate levels are very important for mental health, preventing fatigue and optimal hormone production.

As a necessary nutrient to help convert food into energy, fatigue often contributes to depression and anxiety symptoms. 500mcg per day of an active form of B12 such as Methylcobalamin can support energy production and healthy.

L- Theanine

Theanine is an amino acid found naturally in tea leave. It provides calming, soothing effects; great for anxiety.

5-Hydroxytryptophan helps boost serotonin levels. This boost assists with regulating appetite, mood and stress management.


This is a miraculous supplement for anxiety. It induces a calmness in the mind and positively affects mental well-being. Magnesium deficiencies account for increased stress.

Anxiety and depression can become serious. Reclaim your life by trying some alternative, proven and healthy steps to managing your depression and anxiety symptoms.

Your mind and body will thank you.

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