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Stem Cell activation patches get to the source!


Your body has all it needs to heal and repair itself.

With wearable light wave technology, we can tap into our bodies own intelligence

in a completely non-invasive and safe way. Stem cell activation patches activate

YOUR BODY’S OWN stem cells to naturally

reset and repair your body to a younger, healthier state.

Boost your vitality, overall health and wellness and turn back time!


Evidence that LiveWave health technology stem cell stimulation results in cellular repair, inflammation reduction

and healing of injured muscles and joints along with improved general wellbeing and health in a 66 year old. 


Last year I experienced a recurrence of tennis play related right lateral calf pain. Initially it was diagnosed by MRI  as a proximal soleus muscle strain and clinically with mild to moderate peroneal muscle strain. Despite conventional treatment, the pain became chronic hampering my ability to play tennis.


 6 weeks ago I sustained an acute on chronic pain with left knee instability while playing tennis. The MRI showed 2 acute lateral meniscus tears. With the application of the  Lifewave X39, Y-age Carnosine patches within 2 weeks I experienced at least 50% reduction of the pain and improved function. Then  with the addition and direct application of the Y-age Aeon patch to the sites of pain, my left knee and lower leg pain had resolved completely within 2 weeks. 


I have returned to playing tennis without chronic pain. I have continued to wear the X39 and Y-age Carnosine patches daily and Y-age Aeon patch as needed for pain relief.


OPC, D3 + K2, Resveratrol, Omega, Activated B Complex

Anti-Inflammatory | Cardioprotective


Anti-Inflammatory | Pain support

Bromelain, OPC & OPC Chews, D3 w/K2

Bone and Joint

Bone & Joint Health

D3 + K2, Calcium, Prime Joint Support

Digestive Health

Aloe Juice, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes

Immune Health

D, OPC & OPC Chews, C & C Chews , Probiotics, Resveratrol