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Empowering Optimal Health

with Natural & Integrative Solutions


About Pristine Health


Michael Lewko, MD


At Pristine Health, it is our mission to empower you to heal yourself.


We provide you with tools through education, wise guidance, science - based products and natural age- old cures.


We aim to help you ‘Heal Thyself’ by supporting your journey in health and wellness. We believe you can shine once you have a better understanding of the reasons you have health issues and are able to ‘tune in’ to your body’s natural ability to heal.


Our focus on wellness rather than disease encourages you to be proactive. We strive to empower you with ancient wisdom and the power of nature while integrating important scientific knowledge.


As human beings, we have encoded instincts that are often overlooked. It is our vision to help you ‘get in touch’ with your individual needs, while providing education and cutting edge natural solutions to help you heal and enhance your well-being.


After years of research and careful consideration, we have chosen these high quality health products with your health and wellness needs in mind.

Chosen for their superior absorption, effectiveness, researched ingredients and quality manufacturing in the USA, it is our hope that you will be pleased with our recommendations.


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Spray Vitamins


Use code PH12 for

free shipping

Isotonic Supplements


Use code PN10 at checkout for $10 off


DrH ReJoint formula

for Joint, Knee, Hip Pain




Essential Oils

 To learn more or purchase through Pristine Health, simply click on company arrow to visit the website. If provided, please use code for special savings.
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